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Xbox: Microsoft blocks emulator apps on Xbox Series

Microsoft blocks emulator apps on Xbox Series

Microsoft recently took a strict measure and now prevents a remarkable feature on the Xbox Series. Until now, gamers could use emulators on their console without any problems – however, that has now come to an end. However, retro fans still can continue using their console as an emulator.

Microsoft blocks emulator apps on Xbox Series

Not only games from the Xbox One and Xbox era can be played on the Xbox Series X and Series S, but old Nintendo and PlayStation games could also be played on the modern Xbox consoles, if you managed to download one of the emulator apps from the Microsoft Store in time before Microsoft blocked them and removed them from the online store. Because once the app is installed on your Xbox, you can still launch and run it even if it is no longer available.

But that’s over now, as Kotaku reports. For a short time now, Xbox owners who still have the corresponding emulator apps on their Xbox can no longer launch them. Instead, they are confronted with the following error message:

“This game or app cannot be launched. The game or app you are trying to launch is in violation of Microsoft Store policies and is not supported. (0x87e1002d)”

To Kotaku, a Microsoft spokesperson commented on the change as follows:

“We continue to evolve our mechanisms for reviewing and enforcing content distributed through the Store to ensure compliance with our Microsoft Store Policies. In accordance with 10.13.10, products that emulate a gaming system or platform are not eligible for any device family.”

Continue to use Xbox as an emulator: Developer mode makes it possible

Good to know: This change only affects the Xbox Series retail mode. That’s the mode your Xbox ships with by default. Those who activate the developer mode on their Xbox Series X or Series S can still use their console as a potent emulation station. However, interested users have to download the so-called “Dev Mode Activation” app from the Microsoft Store and activate it. A one-time fee of about $20 is charged for this (source: Microsoft blog).

In this mode, Xbox Series S and Series X can run a variety of UWP apps, so that the Xbox is virtually turned into a small mini-PC. The only problem is that players can no longer play normal Xbox games in this mode. To start them again, the console has to be restarted and booted into retail mode.