Strict Censorship in “ONIMAI” is Discussed Again

A Reddit user posted a short video showing the censored and uncensored versions of the series “ONIMAI: Sister From Now On!” airing on Japanese television in the current 2023 winter season running in parallel. In doing so, strict censorship becomes apparent.

ONIMAI: Anime Very Strict Censorship

As you all know, two versions of “ONIMAI: Sister From Now On!” exist. While the uncensored version is aired in Japan, international streaming services have received the censored version without exception. However, the question now is why, because the anime, even in its original version, is not so risque that censorship would be necessary.

If you look at the video in question, you’ll notice that every scene that shows even a square millimeter of skin in the chest area has been edited out. No ominous fog or all-knowing light beams. As soon as the breast is a tiny bit bigger than the cup or even a cleavage is shown, you don’t get to see it at all outside of Japan.

Of course, “ONIMAI” is about underage girls and the very often controversial topics in Japanese works are already critically eyed in the world anyway, so maybe they just wanted to choose the safe way with a censored release in the West.

Still, it would be a shame if this approach were to become the standard now and we had to fear censorship for every adaptation that was deemed internationally questionable by the creators. Especially if it is as petty as in the case of “ONIMAI”.

But enough philosophizing, now we are interested in your opinion. The best thing to do is to watch the video yourself. You can find it as usual at the end of the article.

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