Otaku Creates Stunning Anime Paper Art

A Twitter user from San Diego has been going viral for some time now after transforming several anime characters into stunning works of paper art. We don’t want to deprive you of his creations and present you some images further down in this article.

Otaku Artist of Giant Paper Art

As the name undoubtedly suggests, paper art involves using only paper or cardboard to create two- or three-dimensional objects. So if you’ve ever cut a snowflake out of a piece of paper as a child or folded little ships, airplanes and the like, you can consequently call yourself a paper artist!

Twitter user @TobynJacobs, however, goes one step further and calls himself a giant paper art Otaku artist. But that doesn’t mean he has huge paper and a huge printer. On the contrary, his works of art usually consist of several hundred small paper pages, which he prints individually and then combines into a complete work.

You’d best see for yourself what kind of dimensions this takes on. Fortunately, he is an anime fan himself, because his most recent creation is a nine-meter image of Makima. In addition, according to a Twitter post, the artist is planning a new project involving Attack on Titan.


Otaku Artist of Giant Paper Art - 1
Otaku Artist of Giant Paper Art - 2
Otaku Artist of Giant Paper Art - 3
Otaku Artist of Giant Paper Art - 4
Otaku Artist of Giant Paper Art - 5
Otaku Artist of Giant Paper Art - 6

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