How to Download and Install Windows 11?

Windows 11, the new operating system from Microsoft, was officially launched on October 05, 2021. Windows 11 is now available for download whereas Windows 10 was supposed to be the last operating system of the Windows family. Before it disappears for good in favor of Windows 11 by the end of 2025, Windows 10 has managed to be present on about 60% of laptops worldwide. Feel like upgrading your PC to Windows 11? Here are the steps to follow to install Windows 11 on your computer.

What’s new in Windows 11?

Windows 11 was born to provide some solutions to possible problems that users had with version 10. This operating system also comes to make the user experience more pleasant. Major advances have been made with the new operating system.

The Start menu

How to Download Windows 11

The Start button is still present in Windows 11. However, it is placed in the center of the desktop, a bit like macOS. It is rather quick to spot. If you don’t want to see it there, you can easily put the Start button back on the left side of the screen.

Microsoft Teams integration

Microsoft Teams is integrated into Windows 11. This is another of the new features of this version of Windows. The Microsoft Teams icon is now pinned to the Windows 11 taskbar. You will be able to use it for text messaging, video conferencing and audio and video calls.

A powerful engine for games

On Windows 11, you will also have a new gaming engine that is more powerful than the one installed on Windows 10 and that should optimize Windows for video games. In addition to supporting DirectX12 Ultimate, this operating system integrates two technologies used on Xbox. These are Direct Storage, which reduces the waiting time during the loading of games, and Auto HDR, a technology that allows the broadcasting of the game in high definition inherited from the Xbox Series S and X.

What are the prerequisites for installing Windows 11

For a better experience with Windows 11, your computer must have some essential features to run the latest version of the Redmond firm’s operating system.

Hardware configuration

First of all, your computer’s processor must be greater than or equal to 1 gigahertz (GHz) and must have at least two cores. Windows 11 is only compatible with 64-bit processors. To find out if you are using a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows 10, you can read this article: Windows 32-bit or 64-bit?

  • If your computer’s RAM memory is less than 4 GB, you will not be able to install Windows 11.
  • The installation of this operating system will take up about 64 GB or more of your storage memory, so you need to have a regular hard drive or SSD with enough space to install Windows 11.
  • Your computer’s graphics card must be compatible with DirectX 12.
  • The prerequisites for installing Windows 11 also concern your screen. It is essential that your computer has a screen of at least 9 inches with 8 bits per color channel and allows you to have an HD display of 720p.

Microsoft warns that if you do not have the minimum system requirements for Windows 11, you may encounter compatibility problems and not receive updates for the latest Microsoft OS.

Enabling TPM 2.0

TPM (Trusted Platform Module) is a device that allows you to securely store or generate encryption keys. The new Windows operating system cannot be installed on your computer if TPM 2.0 is not activated on the computer. Therefore, it would be essential to enable TPM 2.0 on your computer before thinking about installing Windows 11.

How do I download and install Windows 11?

The installation of Windows 11 on a computer can be done through several methods that are all available on the Windows 11 download page.

How to Download Windows 11

Using the installation wizard to download and install Windows 11

First, you can download Windows 11 with the help of the Windows 11 installation wizard. This utility was created by Microsoft with the aim of allowing you to download and install Windows 11. The operation would be an update from Windows 10. You will only have to click on the Download button to start the operation. If your PC is not compatible with Windows 11 because of its hardware configuration, you will be notified.

This installation method is clearly the simplest and will suit the majority of Windows users. Here”s how to proceed for the installation of Windows 11 using the Microsoft installation wizard:

1. On the Windows 11 download page, click on the Download button in the Windows 11 Installation Wizard section. Once you have downloaded the file named Windows11InstallationAssistant.exe, open it to launch the Windows 11 Installation Wizard.

2. Click Accept and Install to accept the terms of the Microsoft Software License Terms.

How to Install Windows 11

3. The wizard will then download Windows 11 and install it on your computer. You can continue to use your PC during this time, but be sure to save your work regularly or you may lose the recent changes.

How to Install Windows 11

4. Once the first part of the installation is finished, your computer will have to restart. Save any open working documents and then click the Restart Now button.

How to Install Windows 11

5. Your PC will finish installing Windows 11 by rebooting several times. Once the installation is complete, Windows 11 will start normally by logging in or asking for your password.

Creating Windows 11 installation media

This is the method of installing or reinstalling Windows 11 similar to the method of installing/reinstalling Windows 10. It allows you to create a bootable DVD or USB key that will allow you to install Windows 11 by booting from the installation media.

  1. You must first download the installation media creation tool from the Windows 11 page on the Microsoft website by clicking on the Download button for the Create Windows 11 installation media method
  2. Once the file is downloaded, run the installation media creation tool by following the different steps proposed on the screen (select the language, the edition, choose the media to use etc.)
  3. Then wait while Windows 11 is downloaded and copied to your installation media.
  4. Restart your PC by booting on your installation media (by selecting your media in the BIOS of your PC if necessary).

Install Windows 11 with an ISO file

You can also get Windows 11 by downloading the Windows 11 ISO file. This is a disk image that you can download if you want to create installation media for booting. With this method, you will have to make use of your product key. The ISO file can be downloaded from the Microsoft site by choosing Windows 11 from the list displayed in the Windows 11 disk image (ISO) download section and then clicking on the download button. You will then download the ISO file that you will have to burn on a DVD or copy on a USB key.

Windows 11 is officially born and can already be installed on your computer. So check the compatibility of your computer with the various required specifications before thinking of installing it with one of the possible methods. If the maneuver seems too complex, don’t hesitate to ask for the expertise of a professional.

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