Dr. STONE Season 3 Gets Two Parts and Trailer

It was announced on the Twitter account of the anime adaptation of “Dr. STONE” that the third season will air in two separate courses – that is, with a break after three months – on Japanese television starting April 6, 2023. You can find a new trailer below.

Dr. STONE Season 3 News

The third season, titled “Dr. STONE: New World,” is being created under the direction of director Shuuhei Matsushita (“Dr. STONE: Ryusui”) at studio TMS Entertainment. Yuuichirou Kido is again penning the script, while Yuuko Iwasa (“Chichibu de Buchichi”) is contributing character designs. The opening is titled “Wasuregataki” and is written by Huwie Ishizaki.

The 24-episode first season aired on Japanese television from July to December 2019, followed by an 11-episode second season titled “Dr. STONE: Stone Wars,” which aired in Japan during the 2021 winter season. TMS Entertainment was also responsible for the production.

Both seasons are available on demand in the original Japanese audio with English subtitles and with English dubbing on the streaming service Crunchyroll. The third season will also be shown there as a simulcast and a SimulDub.

Dr. STONE Season 3 Trailer

Dr. STONE Story

While writing down the blueprints for a smartphone in the Stone World, Tsukasa and his Empire of Power prepare for the upcoming war. Who will be the winner in the battle for humanity?

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